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The subject of nutrition is important and there are a lot of information sources on the subject of healthy nutrition. Due to the fact that the Swiss Nutrition Atlas primarily makes a methodological contribution, we do not want to make any recommendations for healthy eating at this point and refer to external sources.


Food Consumption Study

Focussing on research on eating and consumption behavior has long been anchored at the Institute of Retail Management. The findings of a representative survey on eating and consumption behavior are published in the long-term study Food Consumption. The last Food Consumption study was collected and published in 2021 for the entire DACH region. It can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Food Consumption 2021



Logo menuCH

MenuCH was the only systematic national nutrition survey to date. A representative sample of around 2,000 adults took part in menuCH from January 2014 to February 2015. The survey included a questionnaire on health, diet and physical activity, two surveys on food consumption and body measurements.

The Swiss Nutrition Atlas supplements menuCH with a similarly good approximation of consumption through objective purchasing data, but is characterized by its scalability.


Food Balance in Switzerland

The Swiss farmers association Agristat collects and publishes an annual statistical estimate of Switzerland's food supply. The so-called food balance is based on domestic production, foreign trade and changes in known stocks. The estimate does not represent consumption, but the supply that is available at the level of foreign trade or the first processing level.

Agristat Nahrungsmittelbilanz


Information from the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) on the subject of nutrition

On the website of the FSVO there is a lot of socially relevant and scientifically based information on the subject of nutrition.


Selected News Articles discussing the Swiss Nutrition Atlas

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Source: SRF; News from September 24th, 2023

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